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Skill Development & Training

Skill Development, Training and Placement

Skill development has received the necessary attention it deserves following the formulation of the National Skill India Mission and the revision of the Skills Policy. The Skills Policy has been revised to address the gap that exists in the labor market between the huge demand for skilled labor and its scanty supply.

The industry, across all sectors, is always in need of resources that are well trained to deliver services and are aligned to standardized levels of specialization in a given field. Industry expectations however are often not met by new recruits or the required degree of expertise is absent.

Skill Development, Training and Placement Services

We try to fill this gap by creating Knowledgeable Economy through creating a skilled work force in different sectors of Economy.

Our focus mainly is on Nursing and Para medics, Retail and wholesale Trade and Tourism & Hospitality sectors.

The focal points are Customer Service, Language Skills, and Communication Skills and Cultural manners applicable for each region or sector.